Event participation is a great way to engage with an incredible cause like ICAN and have a time commitment you manage.  You have the opportunity to be involved with the development or management of the event, volunteer to work the day of the event, or give back by participating in the event.  Enjoy golf? ICAN has an annual "Who Let the Dogs Out" golf scramble.  Love to sit with friends enjoying good food and conversation, ICAN Dine is the ticket.  

This sounds like fun but events are also serious business.  Events provide a showcase for ICAN to reach out and engage people with our mission to unleash abilities and change lives. Join us and feel good about how you spent your time.

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2014 December 11



Recently, 14 clients received a service dog from ICAN.  Four were placed as successor dogs to clients who's service dog had passed away. Each dog was placed with a client living with a disability including autism, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, seizures, spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy and heart disease. ICAN extends a special thanks to Positive Perspective Assistance Dogs in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Two of the graduate dogs were provided to ICAN as a joint partnership. Be on the lookout for our new page featuring our graduates - it will soon be coming!

Approximately 300 guests attended the graduation ceremony in June at the Indiana Women's Prison.
Wags & Tails to the following ICAN volunteers and individuals who donated food and supplies for the team training lunches:

Maureen Kiley, Dee Dee Siple, Steve Jones, Janet Clark, Peggy Jones, Karen Scanlon, Becky Andrade, Marilyn Lazarus, Melissa McCoy, Joni Kahn, Judy Harrington, Greta Meglin, Mary Hardin, Sandy Plyley, Linda Ball, Mary Davidsen, Ann Jansons, Camille Dabney Asmer, Mary Matthews, Theresa Sanborn, Norm & Kitty Swift, Susan French, Sharp Print Center, Tracy Merlau, Charles Baines, Creighton Brothers, McFarling Foods, Shirl Henderson, Tina Hunter, Ginny Neff, Mary Koppleman, Kathy Thomas, Anna Dickerson, Debra Cole, Tayor's Bakery, Michelle Jones, Pam Budny, David Kosten, Cheryl Browning and Sara Lyn Thompson.

We are also grateful to the sponsors of the following graduate dogs: Sara Fischer (Senna), SmallBox (Treble), Tony Stewart Foundation (Tracker) and Indy Chamber (Walker).

The graduation takes place twice a year at the prison and our next graduation will be Thursday evening, December 11th. If you are interested in attending, please contact Dino at

As part of ICAN's training program, inmate handlers who complete 4,000 hours of dog training receive a Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship with the U.S. Department of Labor in Service Dog Training. 

Learn more about the positive impact our dogs are making in the lives of our client's and handlers.  Visit Our Blog at  Also, be sure to like us on Facebook where we will keep you updated on how ICAN is unleashing abilities and changing lives on both ends of the leash!